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A+. I have been in the teaching profession and therefore I have a fair amount of knowledge when it comes to grading. Had the work they did been a school project, that would have been the honest ranking that would be deserved in electrician service.


To say that I was in the least bit worried about the outcome of the dedication of your team would have been an outright lie. I had done my due diligence by going through testimonials of your current clientele and they had nothing but praises for your work.


Among my collectables are pictures of various housing units in my compound depicting before and after your intervention. Every time I show one of my guest the change brought by your work brought I am equally taken aback as they are. Keep on doing your good work.


I am still having trouble explaining to my neighbors how for the same number of appliances I get to pay less on my energy bill than they do. That is why soon you will have an overload on amount of work after having given out your information to all of them.


I must admit that when we initially discussed the amount of payment that it would cost us to go into business together I was a bit discouraged. My wife and I had received a cheaper offer from your competitors but I couldn’t have been prouder of her for choosing your electrician service. Not only did we get a way to cut our spending on energy, the layout of the interior of our house improved drastically.


My work involves flipping houses. I buy homes and redesign them then sell them to new buyers. My partnership with your firm has continued to grow over the years as has my profit margins. You take it upon yourself to understand the plan I have for the individual houses and bring the ideas to life. To top it all off my customers’ reaction is always that of awe.


It took more time than previously discussed to finish my housing project. From what I have been made to understand, there was a problem with the materials procured for the same. For a company that has these many positive testimonials I feel that this should not have happened. In all, the quality of your work compensated for the mishap. Should you decide to take my suggestion to get ahead of such problems like this and you will have improved your electrician service delivery.


I hate to be the one to rain on your parade but my experience with your staff was not pleasant at all. The crew was late today on the first day of work. I was made to understand that the crew was relatively new but that was no excuse. Their lateness made me miss a very important business meeting. I will post later whenI see the end product. Till then I remain unimpressed.


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